WordPress Site Care For Busy Site Owners and Online Professionals

We provide cost effective WordPress Site Care services for all sites from personal blogs to professional ecommerce installations.  Please check our management prices, we are well below the cost of most designers for management and hosting and we won’t try to sell you a redesign.

Our services include 4 levels of professional WordPress Management as well as quick fixes, small changes, site moves, SSL integration, performance optimisation, good advice, and good neighborhood hosting (optional).

WordPress Management provides all updates, off site backups, regular malware scans, security hardening, uptime monitoring, and expert advice.

Please see the sections below for more detail on our services. We have an easier way that we promise will give you your time back, reducing your costs, and provide peace of mind.

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You be the Boss and let Manage WP® Australia be the Tech support

Why this makes sense….

If you are like most of our customers you are driving your business hard, putting in the long hours and micro managing every function.  The ideas are bubbling forward and the task list grows longer.  

Unfortunately web sites and their underlying technology are not set and forget.  There are always updates, glitches, changes, and time exhausting tasks that quickly eat away at time you could be using growing your business.  

If you are e-tailing you can’t afford to ignore maintenance as you are reliant on a functional web site to make a living.

Let us take care of your site maintenance and free up your time for what you do best.  It is amazing how much more productive you can be when you can focus on your passion and have complete trust in your site care professional.

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Our Other Valuable Services

Owning and operating a WordPress web site should be easy peasy….and would be if the same reasons you were attracted to it – low cost, open source, easy to setup – weren’t also the reasons it is attractive to the bad guys.  And it isn’t just defacing that hackers are about.  Now they steal your resources for crypto mining or ransomware, or host backend malware distribution, or enter a backdoor through an unpatched plugin or theme and weaponise your site by enlisting it to attack other sites on auto pilot.  

With all our services we scan your site first to check your site is safe and we backup before we make changes. We also provide advice and recommendations for improving security.  See our services below.

Site Relocation / Migration

Migrate sites from one host to another or from staging to production

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Good Neighborhood Hosting

We only host sites (optional) under our management for extra security

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WordPress Management

Basic, Standard, Professional and Uber WordPress Site Care Plans

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HTTPS Secure

Improve security of customer data and rankings by using SSL

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Optimise your landing pages to score well on Google PageSpeed 

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Site changes, repairs, debug, plugin or theme installation, anything you need.

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SEO, Digital Marketing

Improve ROI through site optimisation and active marketing

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Analytics, GA4 Integration

Collect and analyse data on site visitors and behaviour leading to conversions 

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Managed WordPress hosting and WordPress Management Services are not the same.  Managed WordPress Hosting will provide an optimised WordPress hosting platform with WordPress Core updates and limited plugin or theme updates.  Customers that have come from these managed WordPress hosting sites generally tell us the same thing – they didn’t update our plugins or themes because they weren’t ones they looked after (and they didn’t tell us!).

WordPress Management Services provides the same as above plus updates for all plugins and themes, and malware scans, offsite backups, performance and uptime monitoring.  We also provide support for any issues you run into with some time included in every plan each month. Note that our WordPress Management Service will operate on your hosting or ours.

Our WordPress Management Services 

ManageWP® Australia WordPress Management service involves the integration of your site into our centralised management system.  We add several plugins to your site to monitor your security, performance, versions of software, perform upgrades, backup your site to the cloud, and provide a dashboard hosted messaging system so you can message us immediately.

We are also your on demand WordPress experts if you need any other assistance! Trust us with your WordPress site modifications to ensure they are secure and of a high standard.

Regular Updates

Wordpress Core Updates
Plugin Updates
Theme Updates
Test Compatibility
Make Good Incompatibility
Interval based on plan

Security Strategy / Scans

Malicious Code
Altered Core, Plugin, or Theme
Blacklist Scan
Integrate Firewall
Test for Exploits
Harden Server
Interval based on plan

Backup / Restore Strategy

Database Backup
File System Backup
Stored Securely in the Cloud
Multiple Versions
Interval based on plan

Uptime Monitoring

Proactive Response
Central Monitoring
Historical Performance
Based on plan

Website Performance

Page Speed Measurement
Based on plan


Dashboard Support Call
Hack Repair
Plugin / Theme Setup
Ecommerce Setup
Content Updates
Comment Moderation
Site Migration
New Site Design
Advanced SEO
SSL Integration
Page Speed Improvement
Anything You Need!

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